Have you ever thought,
“I could write a book.”
You can! Right now.
What expertise do you have in business? What are
your hobbies? Which of your unique life experiences
can others learn from? What are you passionate
about in life?

If you have knowledge that could relieve someone
else’s pain, solve their problem, or show someone
else how to get ahead, then you are ready to write a

In these difficult economic times, it’s actually easier
than ever to write and publish a book. Use the
simple, but sure-fire methods described within this
book so you can establish your expertise in your
chosen field of business to develop a steadily
increasing income stream while doing what you love
to do to provide solutions to help other people.

Learn how to write a book within 40 days with
simple, but effective tips and strategies.
Fiction Writers: Feed your fiction writing addiction by writing easy-to-sell and to market books that
show your expertise. Start writing now!

This is a great book for moms, future experts, and problem solvers; a must for coaches, consultants,
and speakers.

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